2 Most Expensive Laptop In The World

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Have you ever wondered what causes an expensive laptop? Apparently the answer is because each of these laptops has their own unique specifications.
You could say this laptop is not a laptop for everyone alias "one of a kind".
No matter what the uniqueness, you have to pay handsomely for these laptops. The price can even exceed a house. Very extraordinary is not it?
Not only the purchase price is expensive, the repair costs are also usually very expensive. Therefore, you must be very careful in using it if you do not want to spend deeply.
Especially with today's technological advances, of course, the electronic appliance industry like laptops is increasingly sophisticated and modern.
Starting from the development of the production process, the latest discoveries, and methods that will affect the quality and price.
Before you buy a laptop, you should have done the right financial planning according to your age.

Now, laptops are a common item that can be found everywhere.
Do you know the 10 most expensive laptops in the world at fantastic prices?

Come, see the following review:

1 Lenovo Thinkpad W540 (US $ 2,300 = Rp33.2 million)

Lenovo Thinkpad W50 is the most expensive laptop version of Lenovo in the world.
This laptop is manufactured by Lenovo with an extraordinary configuration display of think pad. Not only that, this laptop is also certainly equipped with attractive features.
The screen is 15 inch in size with some general specifications, such as:

  • 500 GB at 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive,
  • Microsoft Window 7 Professional 6-bit Multi Burner Combo Drive,
  • Lenovo Finger Print Reader,
  • 1 Year Warranty For The Parts.

The weight of this laptop is around 5.45 pounds so it is quite light and easy to carry everywhere. This amazing laptop is also priced at a fantastic price of US $ 2,300.

2.Dell Mobile Precision M6800 (US $ 3800 = Rp54.9 million)

IT admin introduces Dell Precision Optimizer using System Center Configuration Manager (SSCM).
This optimizer is available in English, Japanese, German, Chinese, Spanish, and many more. This allows automatic control with safe settings
This super powerful laptop also provides 3D facilities. Apart from that there is no virus issue that surrounds this extraordinary laptop.
(3 Most Expensive Laptop In The World)
What's more, this laptop is equipped with a sound system that is also very powerful. Compared to the extraordinary features, you could say the price of US $ 3800 is not too expensive right?

  • AMD FirePro M6100 GPU model
  • 8GB RAM Memory & Storage
  • DDR3L Memory Type
  • Memory Slot 2
  • HDD Storage Type
  • 1TB HDD
  • 7200 rpm Rotational Speed
  • 17.3 inches screen
  • 1920x1080 resolution
  • WiFi network 802.11g / n
  • Connectivity Connectivity HDMI, USB2.0, USB3.0, Bluetooth, Card Reader, eSATA
  • OS Software Windows 8, Windows 7
  • OS Ver Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.1 Pro